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Galambos Logistic Kft. - "We store value!"

Professionalism in the background, superior solutions in the present

We have been present in the market for more than 15 years, offering a complete range of customer-oriented logistics services managed in a complex manner. Whether it's the storage of raw materials, semi-finished products, goods handling, packaging stocking or cleaning and management of returnable packaging, we contribute to our customers' success by providing a superior level of service. With the help of our experienced, dedicated and respected staff, we adapt flexibly to the changing needs of our partners.

Our services



With modern and new equipment on a site spanning more than 58,000 square meters, we ensure the proper, fast and safe movement of goods. The smooth operation of the block stacking and pallet racking storage areas is enhanced by our forklift trucks as well as semi-automated storage and retrieval machines. We use the latest warehouse management software to ensure optimum space utilization as well as up-to-date and accurate stock records.

Cleaning of returnable packaging
Cleaning of returnable packaging

Cleaning of returnable packaging

The company has over 10 years of experience in the professional cleaning of returnable packaging, the assembly of unit loads as well as packaging and storage processes involving various types of returnable packaging materials. Returnable packaging from international partners is processed by Galambos Logistic Kft. in cooperation with 5G Group Kft., another member of the Galambos Group.

Management of returnable packaging
Management of returnable packaging

Management of returnable packaging

Our key customers include multinational automotive and food companies. Thanks to ongoing improvements, the returnable packaging pools of our partners are managed by superior quality services.

In addition to cleaning, we precisely manage our partners' inventory management and JIT / Kanban system deliveries.

Production logistics
Production logistics

Production logistics

On our partners' premises, we organize and manage material flow from the raw materials warehouse through each phase of the production process to the finished products warehouse, taking the specific needs of the company into account. For example, supplying production lines with raw materials and packaging materials for packaging assembly.

Value-added services
Value-added services

Value-added services

We offer value-added services to customers looking for new and optimized business solutions by packing, labelling and assembling custom orders and projects.

Other services
Other services

Other services


The products and returnables stored in our warehouses are delivered by Galambos Trans Kft. to our partners.

Truck and bus service station
Truck and bus service station

Truck and bus service station

At our modern truck and bus service station, drivers can enjoy their undisturbed rest periods. Our truck park is located on our Group's premises in Vép, Hungary (H-9751) next to the M86 motorway and easily accessible from the ring road around Szombathely.

Basic Values

Guarantee of superior-quality service

Customer-oriented approach

We organize our work with the specific needs of our customers in mind. With over 15 years of experience and attention to detail, we provide optimal solutions for warehousing services. Our colleagues are always ready to help our customers. We will do our best to fulfil any task in accordance with your expectations by providing superior quality and punctuality.

Professionalism and expertise

Our complex logistics solutions are based on the high quality of the transport, freight forwarding and warehousing services provided by the Galambos Group as well as our local partners in addition to our in-depth knowledge of the region. Our staff's high level of professionalism, reliability, commitment to the profession and love of the business make us one of the most trusted logistics companies.

Success and reliability

Our reliability is based on our modern warehouse logistics system, a constantly renewed and maintained fleet as well as the commitment of our qualified staff to punctuality. The expertise of our staff as well as constant improvement of our processes and renewal of our equipment provides a stable background that ensures systems operate properly.

Sustainable development

We are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance and preventing pollution. To achieve these goals, we have already implemented a number of improvements. We have introduced an Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015, and an Energy Management System in accordance with MSZ EN ISO 50001:2019.


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What our clients say

"Over the past year, the relationship between our companies has strengthened due to the increased warehousing space we have utilized. Effective communication and flexibility contribute to our smooth daily operation.

We are completely satisfied with the logistics services provided by Galambos Logistic Ltd, as they have been able to offer us a warehousing capacity that no other company in the area.
In the future, we would like to continue our cooperation and good business partnership."

Nestlé Hungária Ltd.: Anikó Auer
Project Manager

"Since 2021, the beginning of our collaboration, we have been experiencing the company’s dedication to meet customer needs to the fullest extend possible. This makes Galambos Logistic Ltd. a truly up-to-date, solution-oriented and customer-centric partner for us."

PNH Ltd.: Martin Mitterhumer